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WHMCS TeamSpeak 3 Provisioning Module
Utilizing this module you can automatically provision TeamSpeak 3 virtual servers for your customers.
Full Automatic Provisioning
TSDNS provisioning (SSH needed)
Host-Banner-Enforcement (optional)
Host-Button-Enforcement (optional)
Name-Branding-Enforcement (optional)
Token generation
Snapshots (stored in WHMCS DB, no up/download)
Start/Stop control in customer panel
Banlist and unban feature
Check-Feature for admins to see if there are orphaned entries or unmanaged virtual servers
Message broadcast function for admins (Announcement feature)
Custom TSDNS-Entries possible via config
Prerequisites for TeamSpeak3: ServerQuery access as serveradmin
Prerequisites for TSDNS: SSH-Access to a linux server (unprivileged)
Source code encrypted: Partial
Client Area customizable: via .tpl files
WHMCS TS3MusicBot Provisioning Module
This module allows automatic provisioning of TS3MusicBot ( instances.
Important: You need SSH-Access to a linux server used for running TS3MB, unprivileged user recommended
Source code encrypted: partial
Supported languages: german, english, custom
Customizable customer interface: via .tpl files
Automatic provisioning
License Management
TS-Server selection
ServerQueryMode / NoQueryMode switch
Password config (Admin & User)
Start/Stop control
Config reset

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